Sunday, 6 December 2015

Love Again!

I don't remember when I fell for you,
Whether it was the day I came to know about you,
Or the day I actually met you,
Or the moment I got the chance to talk to you!
You broke my resilience,
You penetrated the opaqueness I had been able to cultivate for so long,
You shattered the myth if love can happen ever again,
Enthusiasm prevailed in a journey which had been in vain;
I don't know if I can ever convey my feelings,
I have been unsuccessful in such dealings!
I don't know if our bonding is appropriate,
I just know it's hard for me to dissociate,
Your latent beauty and shallow eyes,
Imposes on me an intangible price!
Destiny encourages my free flow of affection towards you,
But your indifference suggests in lieu!!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Read a book!!!

Curiosity is all you need,
and your zeal would suffice,
circumscribe yourself with books,
and your restlessness would minimize!

Don't wish for many a life to fulfill goals,
In just one life, live many roles!
Share your happiness, feel the pain,
Reading a book, you always gain!
Attach yourself to someone, you find sorrow,
If you can't find a book, don't hesitate to borrow!
A book, is all you need! Your most trusted company!
Vaporizes your agony, brings harmony!

Friday, 4 July 2014

My girl!!!

every time i'm before you,
i wonder, what's wrong with me?
i'm flooded with infinite emotions,
that i get on my knee,
to acknowledge your unparalleled beauty!
blessed i feel even in the hours of wee,
that i feel for a girl as wonderful as she!
glimpses of her beautiful smile, her appealing attire,
occupy me the whole day!
i fear that my secret admire,
doesn't go wasted; haunts me the whole night!
i'm not so naive,
to unable to distinguish this sudden eruption in me,
every time your picture flashes, i explode with glee,
engrave me in your life, oh girl!
i wish, relentlessly i pray!
is it love or just your ripple effect?
your enigma may dazzle this introspection,
but the stream of emotions continue to flow,
not bothered by their destiny.
can they reach the sea of relation?
or they dry out before in frustration...
is not substantial to be pondered,
sometimes love is just not about to fight the odds and survive,
its about a reason to live and thrive!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

To the youth...

Ignite me; face the thunder,
exploiting me;a big blunder,
for we the youth will rise,
to be very precise...

Refuse to live, in shadows of uncertainty,
opportunity our right; indiscriminately and in plenty;
for we the youth need to rise,
no more we choose to suffice...

fulcrum of nations' ecosystem;its futures' architect,
theirs responsibility to nourish us; ours to protect,
the nation would witness, that the youth can rise,
our potential not a derivative of a throw of a dice...

our dreams and responsibility can flock together till we live,
a pledge to be taken,an idea to believe,
for it's time the youth should rise,
fall but rise, but don't surrender to a price...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Common Man

i'm a common man, devoid of education,
so that my judgements aren't on facts,
my vote goes wherever i am lured in any election!

i'm a common man, exploited of my needs,
blindfolded of their shameless deeds,
i forget easily the past; i vote my caste!

i'm a common man, victim of a political strategy,
stronger remains our vote and the weaker us; the desired synergy,
yet I vote on social credentials and discard the true potential...

i'm a common man, struggling for livelihood,
yet not willing to accept in any likelihood,
that my unthoughtful vote is actually boosting their 'note'!

i'm a common man, oblivious to corruption,
easily fooled, always ready for redemption,
for my vote;i forget each and every blot!

i'm a common man, i believe in miracle,
i repeat the mistakes, i persist with the obstacles,
between me and my destiny;an undying mutiny...

i'm a common man with lack of alternatives,
i vote for those whom i find native,
a fallacy indeed;but i ought to be lucid...

i'm a common man, deviation to poverty line my indicator,
caste my identity, religion my differentiator,
am i first not an innocent citizen? so strong are my inherent antigen?
that i stand resilient to every breach of trust,
when will the threshold be crossed and i'd outburst?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

An article writing endeavour...

Life as an engineer is no less than a script of a Bollywood blockbuster. It has all the key elements; drama, action, comedy, romance and thriller. But sometimes when the elements get a bit disproportionate then it sweeps away you; just as what happened on  the cultural fest night; I was in a jovial and flirtatious mood as always. My playful nature for which I ruled over every girl’s heart in my group was not well received by others in college.Everyone who wanted to connect with the girls apparently considered me as a hindrance in their way. One of them was Ajit, a year senior to us, a perfect anticipator of Newton’s third law of motion. In spite of his ardent desires to intimidate me, he could never do so anticipating how he will hurt his own chances considering my proximity to Pooja, my friend and his love (read reason to live). But that night he couldn’t stop himself. I was summoned for an interrogation. I was afraid of the consequences. With a brave heart I went to him. I could see him fuming, frustration oozing out. Finally his feelings took over reluctance and he opened up. His first sentence that he loves Pooja very much almost broke me into laughter. I tried hard to suppress it and impulsively replied that I knew about it. An emotional backdrop was transformed into a comical situation; courtesy my spontaneity. He wanted to vent out his frustration even more but realized that eventually he was making a mockery of his own. He went away; disappointed that he couldn’t even ascertain whether I was really a cause of concern to his love story.
I was returning to my Adda; satisfied that I had passed the litmus test when I was confronted with a gang of around six headed by Amit, another senior and a worshiper of Archimedes. I was well aware of his madness quotient for Priya, my another friend, but I never imagined that he would implement his derived Archimedes’ principles theory on me; to exert such amount of pressure on me that Priya would automatically come to him. And it happened! His gang held me tight, threatening and abusing me. My undesired spontaneity further screwed me when I said that why does he feel insecure because of me. Thankfully, Priya turned up at that moment and saved me from getting further grilled. Amit’s ploy worked. His focus shifted to a war of words with Priya and I tried to get behind the scenes but I was unsuccessful because of his lieutenants. She defended me somehow, making him understand to stop considering me as a bone of contention. I stood there like a scapegoat; trying to pretend as she was saying.
I literally couldn’t sleep that night. I was astonished by the coincidence on that night when both of them chose to vent out their grudges against me. One of them chose to communicate and the other directly hit out at me. Life as an engineer in an engineering college seemed to very challenging that night; not because I had to complete loads of assignments and prepare for viva or exams the next day but because I was apparently considered to be a villain by two presumed heroes who could settle on nothing else than their girls!!!
                                                                                                                                                                -Ankit Jaiswal

Monday, 19 November 2012


I am a shadow of myself,
whose emotions now rarely come out,i have buried them deep,
promises now meaningless,neither i make or keep!

I am a shadow of myself,
To conceal my emotions,
I try to manipulate my behavioral equations...

I am a shadow of myself,
in an inertia of betrayal,
Unhealed wounds and scars my only portrayal...

I am a shadow of myself,
constantly changing in magnitude and direction,
in tune with others perception..

I am a shadow of myself,
shallow from outside, fragile inside,
no more rules and ideals i abide...

I am a shadow of myself,
with an unbearable intensity in my eyes,
with a propensity to classify every emotional development as lies...

I am a shadow of myself,
looking for ways to fill in the void,
looking for ways to be emotionally-employed..

I am a shadow of myself,
hiding behind myself in pain and fear,
erupting inside in top gear....

I am a shadow of myself,
burdened with so many grievances,
a wanderer as per the present circumstances...

I am a shadow of myself,
who needs an illuminating spark in this encompassing dark,
but doesn't know how to embark...

I am a shadow of myself,
With very high vulnerability quotient,
My protective shadow-unconventional and omnipresent!!!!