Sunday, 17 July 2011

Twosome souls

I’m left speechless….
The moment these eyes capture….
Emotions endless….
Tolerates no rupture…
From those talkative eyes
N that beautiful facial sculpture!!!!
Those fleeting moments
Cumulates every time …..
Constructing a virtual monument…
Enunciating through a magical chime!!!!!
Makes this voyage worth to sail….
 Infinite joy n satisfaction I avail!!!!
 Pushed by an abnormal velocity,
By those irresistible fragrance!!!
N With those bombarding curiosity,
It’s Impossible to show nonchalance…
I wish I was supplemented by feathers,
So that irrespective of any extreme weather,
I could switch over from dream to reality,
Unrestrictedly exhibiting duality!!!
The flexibility of these eyeballs drops to nil,
Love n happiness fills n spills!!!!
Garnished with limited intimacy,
A process of emotional-piracy!!!!!
Those long walks in the evening,
Keeps our optimism’s oscillating,
In the unusual game of destiny,
Governed by the principle of uncertainty,
Though players have reached the highest level of insanity!!!!!!!!

     When two souls connect,
  They converse in a common dialect,
  The language of expressions,
  Which need no translations,
  Wrapped in layers of trust,
  Gifted to automatically adjust,

     Sometimes predefined algorithms,
Fine tune the life’s rhythm.
Some rusty principles they violate,
But the dynamism they liberate,
Sooner or later forces those views to elaborate!!!

          The inseparable twosome,
          Share a relation: extraordinary n awesome!!!!!

To forget those moments....

Drop of affection,
in the infinite storage of emotions...
dilutes forever,
any endeavor,
to forget those moments......

Recipe of smile and conversation,
amidst the countless communications....
breaks all possibility,
loses all ability,
to forget those moments......

Breeze of in-return friendly behavior,
in between the approaching career,
wets us with the magical fluid,
which never evaporates, us, never freed,
to forget those moments.....

Neglect at the first sight,
gradually coming close on those auspicious nights,
plays in the mind,
always gets rewind,
to forget those moments......

Melodious expressions,
while answering the questions,
always playbacks,
when lonely, it attacks,
to forget those moments.....

The passing-by time, not sufficient enough,
to forget those moments.......

God of Cricket

Few years back, the devastating Aussie batsmen, Adam Gilchrist was considered to be the favorite for an ODI double century. Also in the radar of expectations were the likes of Virender Sehwag, who already had two test triple centuries under his belt and a whole lot of fury and temperament for the ODI format. But that milestone was achieved finally after 40 years of One day cricket and by the person who is known to be the God of cricket, the maestro Sachin Tendulkar. He thrashed one of the better bowling attacks of this time to all the corners of the Captain Roop Singh Stadium to achieve a feet which some can only dream of.
Tendulkar reached his fifty off 37 balls and went past his century off 90 balls consistently playing with a strike rate of more than 100. He was involved in some vital partnerships including two century run-stands. In the 46th over he went past the highest one day individual score of 194 by flicking for a two past short fine leg. But he remained calm and did not show any emotion before he reached that magical figure of 200. The highest run getter in ODI’s reached the highest individual score in ODI’s and the first ever 200 in the history of ODI. He raised his bat, took off his helmet and looked into the skies and showed his thanks to the almighty. He received lots of appreciation from Mahendra Singh Dhoni who witnessed this historical moment from the other side.
 The uniqueness of this historic innings was its flawlessness, no half chances offered, not a single opportunity given to the opposition to dismiss him. It was a perfect innings which cricket lovers will cherish for a long-long time. It was characterized by endless passion, zeal for achieving more, strong determination and last but not the least unparallel fitness. Though Sachin had cramps after he got past 150 but yet he continued without a runner. He utilized all hi experience of 20 years of international cricket by playing an innings of his lifetime. He batted for the full innings without losing focus even once, which is a difficult task for a player at an age of 36 but Sachin proved once again that age is no bar for him and he is destined to have many more years in international cricket. It was a sensational innings with top class placements and quality shot selections. It had the perfect blend of aggressiveness and composure giving South African bowlers a hard time in the middle. 

figment of my imagination

The figment of my imagination encapsulates
The freedom within….
And the Unconventionality truncates
The bizarreness unforeseen…

But as of late I discover a hollow within,
Smoldering fear to face the unseen…..
 An uncanny sound of jeopardy,
That enforces to rebound even a sturdy,
Conspires to entitle me the buccaneer of my own sea,
Deadlock of emotions on a fatal spree…
Poured in featherbrained wrath
Dwindles away the momentarily faith,
Just like even a teensy bath,
Of a fly in fluid brings about its death…

The phenomenal legacy,
Results from an inculcated fallacy…
It sometimes effuses,
The undergone cuts and bruises!!!

Even shadows leave us in dark,
But frustration follows with its wizardly spark,
Burns to ashes the patience within,
Advertises severance to redeem…
Malignance bids to fill in the vacuum,
Insoluble petulance occupying the volume…..

The aggregation of my possessions
Rests on the fulcrum of that obsession, 
And since the whole hearted inception
Can’t tolerate any dissociation…