Sunday, 17 July 2011

Twosome souls

I’m left speechless….
The moment these eyes capture….
Emotions endless….
Tolerates no rupture…
From those talkative eyes
N that beautiful facial sculpture!!!!
Those fleeting moments
Cumulates every time …..
Constructing a virtual monument…
Enunciating through a magical chime!!!!!
Makes this voyage worth to sail….
 Infinite joy n satisfaction I avail!!!!
 Pushed by an abnormal velocity,
By those irresistible fragrance!!!
N With those bombarding curiosity,
It’s Impossible to show nonchalance…
I wish I was supplemented by feathers,
So that irrespective of any extreme weather,
I could switch over from dream to reality,
Unrestrictedly exhibiting duality!!!
The flexibility of these eyeballs drops to nil,
Love n happiness fills n spills!!!!
Garnished with limited intimacy,
A process of emotional-piracy!!!!!
Those long walks in the evening,
Keeps our optimism’s oscillating,
In the unusual game of destiny,
Governed by the principle of uncertainty,
Though players have reached the highest level of insanity!!!!!!!!

     When two souls connect,
  They converse in a common dialect,
  The language of expressions,
  Which need no translations,
  Wrapped in layers of trust,
  Gifted to automatically adjust,

     Sometimes predefined algorithms,
Fine tune the life’s rhythm.
Some rusty principles they violate,
But the dynamism they liberate,
Sooner or later forces those views to elaborate!!!

          The inseparable twosome,
          Share a relation: extraordinary n awesome!!!!!

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