Thursday, 17 July 2014

Read a book!!!

Curiosity is all you need,
and your zeal would suffice,
circumscribe yourself with books,
and your restlessness would minimize!

Don't wish for many a life to fulfill goals,
In just one life, live many roles!
Share your happiness, feel the pain,
Reading a book, you always gain!
Attach yourself to someone, you find sorrow,
If you can't find a book, don't hesitate to borrow!
A book, is all you need! Your most trusted company!
Vaporizes your agony, brings harmony!

Friday, 4 July 2014

My girl!!!

every time i'm before you,
i wonder, what's wrong with me?
i'm flooded with infinite emotions,
that i get on my knee,
to acknowledge your unparalleled beauty!
blessed i feel even in the hours of wee,
that i feel for a girl as wonderful as she!
glimpses of her beautiful smile, her appealing attire,
occupy me the whole day!
i fear that my secret admire,
doesn't go wasted; haunts me the whole night!
i'm not so naive,
to unable to distinguish this sudden eruption in me,
every time your picture flashes, i explode with glee,
engrave me in your life, oh girl!
i wish, relentlessly i pray!
is it love or just your ripple effect?
your enigma may dazzle this introspection,
but the stream of emotions continue to flow,
not bothered by their destiny.
can they reach the sea of relation?
or they dry out before in frustration...
is not substantial to be pondered,
sometimes love is just not about to fight the odds and survive,
its about a reason to live and thrive!