Sunday, 6 December 2015

Love Again!

I don't remember when I fell for you,
Whether it was the day I came to know about you,
Or the day I actually met you,
Or the moment I got the chance to talk to you!
You broke my resilience,
You penetrated the opaqueness I had been able to cultivate for so long,
You shattered the myth if love can happen ever again,
Enthusiasm prevailed in a journey which had been in vain;
I don't know if I can ever convey my feelings,
I have been unsuccessful in such dealings!
I don't know if our bonding is appropriate,
I just know it's hard for me to dissociate,
Your latent beauty and shallow eyes,
Imposes on me an intangible price!
Destiny encourages my free flow of affection towards you,
But your indifference suggests in lieu!!

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