Saturday, 28 September 2013

Common Man

i'm a common man, devoid of education,
so that my judgements aren't on facts,
my vote goes wherever i am lured in any election!

i'm a common man, exploited of my needs,
blindfolded of their shameless deeds,
i forget easily the past; i vote my caste!

i'm a common man, victim of a political strategy,
stronger remains our vote and the weaker us; the desired synergy,
yet I vote on social credentials and discard the true potential...

i'm a common man, struggling for livelihood,
yet not willing to accept in any likelihood,
that my unthoughtful vote is actually boosting their 'note'!

i'm a common man, oblivious to corruption,
easily fooled, always ready for redemption,
for my vote;i forget each and every blot!

i'm a common man, i believe in miracle,
i repeat the mistakes, i persist with the obstacles,
between me and my destiny;an undying mutiny...

i'm a common man with lack of alternatives,
i vote for those whom i find native,
a fallacy indeed;but i ought to be lucid...

i'm a common man, deviation to poverty line my indicator,
caste my identity, religion my differentiator,
am i first not an innocent citizen? so strong are my inherent antigen?
that i stand resilient to every breach of trust,
when will the threshold be crossed and i'd outburst?

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